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About Cocones

We are a couple with a background in design and a love of beautifully crafted objects. Working in the design industry, we had been carrying our laptops, tablets and smartphones with us everywhere, through hail, rain or shine to clients, studios, meetings, cafés, and airplanes.

As we relied more and more on being mobile, we soon realised that our digital companions were very personal devices and deserved proper outerwear for all we were putting them through.

There was no other way around it for us — we decided to design the sleeves we wanted to own.
In the autumn of 2011, in Dublin, Ireland, Cocones was born.

A very enthusiastic response from our customers convinced us we were on the right track and we have been steadily growing the brand since.

Our sleeves are tailored for MacBooks, iPads, iPhones and Android smartphones — devices we see as the metaphorical modern equivalents of portable typewriters.

The idea was designed around carrying the most advanced personal electronics in cases that look contemporary, stylish, and yet timeless. We wanted cases that didn't instantly scream “computer inside”.

One of our main goals was for the sleeves to be practical and provide protection for devices without sacrificing the style.
We hope this goal was met.